Here at Splash Logos, our business is built on "100% Customer Satisfaction". Our motto is "We won't rest until you're in love"...of course with your Logo. Seriously! Once we receive your order, our team of talented, creative and dynamic graphic designers jump into rigorous competition, flexing their muscles to out-design each other. This contest gives birth to at least 6 unique varieties of logos from which you either select one, or you combine the best features from the logos you find most appealing. We proceed to offer unlimited revisions, tweaks and edits until you're 100% satisfied. Once you approve the final design, we sign off and doff our hats...a new Splash Logo is born! Welcome to the Splash Logos family. Order your Logo now.

the power or ability to attract or stimulate the mind or emotional interest.
Splash Logos have great appeal.

luxurious in design, tastefully refined, dignified in style, superior in quality
This keeps your competition green with envy. You will stand out from them all.

existing as the only one; having no like or equal; unparalleled; incomparable,
The object of our design is to create the "one in a million" logo that speaks volumes.

to give up, relinquish, or surrender all obligations, rights, or claims.
Once finalized, your Logo is released, free and clear. It's all yours for life, from the Silver Package up.