Simplicity is the key to our success. Our quick response and delivery system help our clients hit the ground running.


Share Your Thoughts with Us

Our online Order Form is designed to help you articulate your thoughts and expectations. The more details you give, the less time it will take to create the perfect Logo for your business. Do take your time to fill out the form.


48-Hour Delivery of Proposed Logo Concepts

Within 48hours, we send you the set of 4 to 12 uniquely designed Logo propositions based on the information from your Order Form. Our team of highly talented graphics designers rigorously compete to out-design each other and turn in their brain child. The fun begins as you choose one of the proposed images, or combine different features from 2 or more of them.


Edits, and Tweaks, and Revisions

Once we receive your feedback, we proceed to a relentless refinery of your new brand image until it exceeds your expectation. No holds barred! Should you find all the initial design propositions unsatisfactory, we add 2 new Images at no additional cost to you. Your 100% satisfaction is our goal.


Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Once we create the satisfactory logo of your dreams, we will package various print-ready file formats and deliver to you. This includes the original source file and a “Release Certificate”, which guarantees your sole ownership of the Image for life. We relinquish all rights to you when you order the Silver Package and above.


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